Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

It is perfect for those who want to train themselves both mentally and physically, and who want to acquire the ability to improve their relationships with others.

It is possible. Take care not to injure yourself, but do the best you can!

Please see pricelist above for training fees. There is no admission fee or monthly fee. In addition, there are no other fees for dojis ((about 8,000 yen) andThere is a fee for a promotion examination every few months.

Please bring workout clothes (T-shirt and long pants are best), a towel, and a drink. If you have your own street clothes, that is fine.

We believe that it is possible, though not always, to improve. In Aikido, we study the three physical aspects of 1) knowing oneself, 2) knowing one's opponent, and 3) harmonizing with one's opponent. When you perform aikido techniques and when you receive them, you are exactly as you are when you normally confront others. You will be able to grasp yourself objectively and may grasp the opportunity to improve your daily communication.

If you are 4 years old or older, you are of course welcome. First, students will practice so that they can learn to like the dojo, and gradually learn etiquette and techniques. Parents and children are also welcome to join.

It must be very enjoyable when you and your training partner can perform techniques in perfect harmony. However, after practicing for a long time, you suddenly realize that aikido is also used in your personal life, and the relationship is not just about having fun.

You will be able to protect yourself. Aikido is useful as a self-defense technique because it is also applied in arrest techniques by the Metropolitan Police Department. However, surprisingly often used in daily life is how to protect people and stop fights. This is also practiced together.

We can also provide training with consideration. Please contact us for more information.

Possible. Please contact us once and we will work with you to find a class that you can attend, subject to reasonable considerations.

We will teach in Japanese and English upon request. I am sure you can manage with gestures in languages other than English.

Some dojos prohibit students from coming and going to other dojos, so please check with your dojo and if there is no problem, please come. However, it is prohibited to impose what you have learned at other dojos on other students. We ask that you learn on an equal footing as a newcomer to the dojo.