Features of Mugen Juku

What is Mugen Juku?

MUGEN JUKU is an aikido dojo founded in 2009 in Kyoto by Jacques Pailler Shihan (Yoshinkan Aikido 8th Dan).

With approximately 300 students in three countries and five locations in Japan, the school addresses the spirit of harmony through aikido.

Fusion of practical techniques and softness

MUGENJYUKU belonged to Yoshinkan, an aikido school, but became independent in 2024.


Yoshinkan is so practical that it has been adopted by the riot police of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and is characterized by its seemingly harder approach than other styles.


What makes MUGEN JUKU unique is the mix of the powerful and practical techniques of Yoshinkan and the soft methods conveyed by Master Payet that can be improved by anyone.



He said he would continue with aikido at MUGEN Juku,You can feel not only your physical changes, but also your inner changes, your daily changes. You will also learn how to use your body very carefully and in detail. If you continue for a long time, you will find a better you through Aikido.
Seminar in Germany with Master Jacques Pailler

Origin of the name

What is the origin of the name MUGEN Juku?


 1. transcending one's own limitations and the unlimited possibilities one possessesA place to be aware of

 2. Emphasize constant training by going back and forth between the basics and application

It comes from two sources.



Aikido is characterized by the ability to train according to one's own needs, but at MUGEN JUKU we train to slightly exceed the limits we set for ourselves.


We also place great importance on the basics. Even for students who have earned their black belt, we believe that the very first lesson of aikido, "stance," needs to be constantly improved.

Features of Mugen Juku

Second only to school, work, and home.
Harmony Community

The dojo is a community.


We value friendly competition with friends of different standpoints, ages, and nationalities, and at the same time, we always remember to have fun and work hard together in training.

Enjoyment is important.

We cherish classes with smiling faces.


Practice is centered on the basics, not on forceful techniques that hurt, but on methods that do not use force.

This means that people of all ages and both sexes can continue to practice without physical injury.

Bilingual (English/Japanese) support

There are eight dojos in three countries around the world, and the Hombu dojo is located in Kyoto. One of the features of the dojo is that there are many foreign students and instructors, and instruction is provided in many languages.


When you interact with people from different backgrounds through aikido, you experience a sense of unity that goes beyond verbal communication.

Why Choose Us

MUGEN JUKU is chosen not only for its methods, but also as a community for friendly competition and a place for long term devotion.

Solid guidance

A qualified instructor will be in charge of the entire process from training to examination. The instructors combine the MUGEN JUKU method with their own experience to provide easy-to-understand instruction.

There is also an examination every three months to obtain official aikido certification.


Please see the following video regarding instructor training.

Friends who value harmony

Aikido at MUGEN JUKU is not just about getting stronger. The students who come to MUGEN JUKU share the same spirit of harmony and martial arts that is unique to MUGEN JUKU. Unlike schools or workplaces, there is no competition, but you will find the best of friends who are willing to improve each other.


Feels good to push the envelope.

Once your body has become accustomed and learned how to avoid injury, your instructor and peers will help you gradually push your limits.

This is not just for children. This is an environment where everyone strives equally, never settling for the status quo, but always striving for slightly more demanding goals.



Shota Sugawara

head of a dojo

He is a 3rd dan in Yoshinkan Aikido.

Born in 1987, he discovered aikido while hitchhiking in New Zealand during his university years. Discovered aikido while hitchhiking in New Zealand during college, started aikido in 2010 and studied under Malik Thahid and Chris Crampton.


Began teaching at the Tokyo dojo of Mugen Juku in 2017, and established the Kamakura dojo in January 2022, becoming the head of the Mugen Juku Tokyo/Kamakura dojo in 2022. Completed the Mugen Juku Weekend Trainee Course.


In addition to his experience in military combat, including Krav Maga, he enjoys surfing and windsurfing.


Chris Crampton.

Dojo Founder and Supporter

He is a 5th dan in Yoshinkan Aikido.

Born in 1980. Born in Ohio, USA. After training in Shuyokan-ryu jujutsu and self-defense in California for three years, he came to Japan after learning about aikido, a form of aikido that does not cause pain to others. He came to Japan after learning about aikido, which does not cause pain to others, and joined MUGEN JUKU.


After studying under Jack Payet, he trained numerous trainees and instructors as a principal instructor.

After serving as dojo chief of the MUGENJYUKU HONBU dojo,After founding the Tokyo branch of Mugen Juku in 2016, he retired as dojo chief and now resides in Canada.

A Life of Unsatisfaction." 15 Questions with Dr. Chris. Interview with Instructor Part1



Satoyuki Ishikawa

Associate Instructor (Tokyo, General)

He is a 5th dan in Yoshinkan Aikido.

In 2002, he entered Yoshinkan Nakanobu Dojo (at that time) and later moved to Oji Dojo. There he obtained his 5th dan and instructor certification. While a member of the Oji Branch, he also participated in several DEGO training sessions at MUGEN JUKU KYOTO, and moved to MUGEN JUKU TOKYO in July, 2022. His motto is "Budo starts from the waist.


As for martial arts, he started kickboxing at the end of last year and is currently studying striking moves. His hobbies are surfing the Internet and listening to jazz, and he sometimes hangs out at a jazz cafe in Tokyo. His favorite musician is pianist Keith Jarrett.


Mizuno, Yushin

Associate Instructor (Tokyo, Children/International Kids)

He is a 2nd dan in Yoshinkan Aikido.

Born in 2000, he started aikido at the age of 2 at Yoshinkan Aikido Shizuoka Branch. He trained under Keisuke Mizuno, the head of the Shizuoka Branch.

In February 2022, he began teaching an international school class at MUGEN Juku Tokyo. Currently he is also in charge of children's classes and teaches 3 times a week.


In addition to studying relativity in graduate school, he enjoys playing the violin in chamber music and playing the guitar.


Message from the Dojo Director

With Aikido, we are changing the possibilities for individuals and the world.

Nice to meet you, my name is Sugawara, the dojo manager.


We are,

."Through aikido, we learn to have a strong and gentle heart to survive in society."

It is an organization that supports the

We offer the "harmony" that Aikido has to offer to children with various talents and adult students with specialized areas so that they can live the life they desire in the areas they value.

We also create a psychologically safe community for people of all nationalities, ages, and disabilities.


In the dojo, once you enter the tatami mats, we encourage you to forget all your worries, to practice with all your might, and above all, to enjoy aikido. When you leave the Tatami, we want you to return to your usual place with a refreshed state.

I myself have been greatly helped at work and at home since learning Aikido. I have learned specific methodologies for building together with others without letting them overpower me, and how to deal with those who intimidate me. And the mysterious vitality that I have gained through the practice has helped me to stay positive in life.

In addition, our organization is committed to the development of children. When I was a child, I joined a soccer club and was trained by them, but I had a very painful experience because I continued without knowing the fun of soccer. To prevent my children from having this kind of experience, I have always been very interested in their classes.Our goal is to create a class that you will enjoy and want to come to on your own initiative.


We hope that you will join us as colleagues in building a dojo together.

Aikido MUGENJYUKU Tokyo/Kamakura Dojo Chief

Shota Sugawara

Events outside of training
Once every three to six months, there is a "Demonstration Tournament" and a "Promotion and Dan Examination".
Demonstration tournaments are a place to showcase the results of daily training and to seek "beauty".
The examination is based on the Yoshinkan Aikido syllabus, and students are required to take kyu/dan according to their level of proficiency and "correctness". If you pass, you will be granted a diploma.

Children's Demonstration

Adult Demonstration

Demonstration at an old house in Kamakura

Instructor's Demonstration