About Kamakura Dojo

About Kamakura Dojo

It is still a new dojo, established in 2022 by Sugawara, an instructor of the Tokyo Dojo.

As of February 2022, there are 13 members (11 adults and 2 children), most of whom started with no aikido experience.


The group is centered on the Youth Hall in Nikaido, and dedication demonstrations and other events are scheduled at nearby temples and shrines in the summer.

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Kamakura Youth Hall (Nikaido, Kamakura City)


Kamakura City Youth Hall

(Yokosuka Line "Kamakura10 minutes by bus)

Opening Hours

Tuesday: Children's Class, General Class, Slow Class

*Depends on the availability of the venue.For more information.Practice Schedulefor more information.

Yuhigahama Osteopathic Clinic 2F


Yuhigahama Osteopathic Clinic

(Yokosuka Line "Kamakura5 minutes walk from the station)

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1-14-21 Komachi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 248-0006, Japan

Opening Hours