Studying mind and body through aikido

endless schoolis a non-profit organization dedicated to deepening understanding of the mind and body through aikido and pursuing the path of harmony with others.

What is Aikido?

It is an ancient Japanese martial art that uses the mechanisms of the mind and body to control self and others.

 Aikido does not aim to win or lose by hurting people, but to lead by matching one's opponent's chi with one's own chi.

In Aikido, the ultimate Riai is to match one's own strength with the force of the opponent's thrust or pull.

Researching the mind and body

Aikido utilizes central force, which is the power of the torso, without using the surface muscles as much as possible.



It cultivates a calm and peaceful mind at the same time, always with an equanimous heart.

Practical self-defense

We will practice according to the Yoshinkan Aikido framework, which has been practiced by the Metropolitan Police Department for many years.



It is an effective self-defense technique to protect yourself and your loved ones without hurting others


The older you get, the better you get

Aikido is well known as a lifelong sport that gets better the older you get.


Because the practice is equally open to all ages, there are a great many parents and children who participate together.


Features of Aikido MUGEN Juku

Learn with people from diverse backgrounds

The name "Mugen Juku" comes from "a place where one can transcend one's own limitations and become aware of one's infinite potential.



At MUGEN-JUKU, people who are facing school, work, family, and hobbies gather to further improve themselves.



The limits you set for yourself,We value going above and beyond with our teachers and peers.It will be a good opportunity to rethink your previous values and habits.


Training is conducted according to the athletic ability and age of each individual, so you can proceed at your own pace.

date and time of a lesson

Location and Time

Bonin white-eye (Apalopteron familiare)

Sat. 12:30~, 13:30~ (Sat.)

Mainly held on Saturdays at noon.

The children's and adult classes will be held separately.

Meguro Central Gymnasium, 5-22-8 Meguro Honcho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo



Sun 18:00~

It is mainly held on Sunday evenings.

This is a joint class for children and adults.

Shinagawa Ward General Gymnasium, 2-11-2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo



Tue. 18:00~, Sun. 13:30~.

We meet on Tuesday evenings and Sunday at noon.

The children's and adult classes will be held separately.

Kamakura City Youth Hall, 912-1 Nikaido, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Voice of the Trainees

From the trainees
Highly rated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we frequently receive.

Anyone who enjoys physical activity can start.


Practice is a little hard, but once you get used to it, even people in their 60s can keep up with the practice.


90% of those who join are martial arts beginners.

Adults: 1,600~2,500 yen per visit. Children are 1,100~2,000 yen.

For more information, click here.Schedule of Chargesfor more information.

Parents and children are welcome to participate. Discounts are available for parents and children (500 yen off for adults).


Parents may join the children's class, or they may join the adult and children's classes held on the same day separately.

Aikido is,The goal is not to win or lose by hurting people, but to guide and control them by aligning your mind with theirs.


Also, since they do not work alone, but always with a partner, they learn how to cooperate, which is important for social life.