Strong and gentle.

Mugen Juku is an aikido community that brings out the unlimited potential of each individual.

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What is Aikido?

Aikido is a martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) in the 1920s.


It is called "Wago no Budo" (the martial art of harmony) because it teaches techniques to control an opponent by utilizing his or her strength, rather than by hurting the opponent to win.


It is a martial art that can be practiced throughout one's life and has many enthusiasts around the world, as it improves the more one continues to practice it, regardless of physical ability.


Features of Mugen Juku

90% of the students have no martial arts experience

90% of the students have no martial arts experience.


Rather than purely becoming stronger, I study aikido to learn how to enrich my life through aikido.

Start with respect for the other person.

We value the fundamentals of the art, and emphasize the importance of instilling in the body methods that do not use force, rather than training to hurt by applying techniques with brute force.


This means that people of all ages and both sexes can continue to practice without physical injury.

A network that connects you to the world

There are eight dojos in three countries around the world, and the Hombu dojo is located in Kyoto. One of the features of the dojo is that there are many foreign students and instructors, and instruction is provided in many languages.


When you interact with people from different backgrounds through aikido, you experience a sense of unity that goes beyond verbal communication.

Dojo List (Kanto)

Classes being held


General Class

Target: Junior high school students and older


Slow Class

Target: 60 years old and over


Children's Class

Target: Elementary school students

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