Azerbaijan-style "Seminar on Self-Defense with Aikido" 2023/4/9 (Sun) 18:15~.

Seminar Overview

Instructor: Urbi Agamirov Sensei (Yoshinkan Aikido 4th Dan, Vice President of the Japanese Martial Arts Cultural Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan)

We have invited Urbi Sensei from Azerbaijan to teach self-defense techniques using Aikido that are safe and can be practiced by anyone.

Martial arts, including aikido, are very popular in Azerbaijan. On the other hand, it has evolved to be more practical, as it is also evaluated in the eyes of "can you really defend yourself?

This year's participants will be instructed in techniques that are safe and can be practiced by anyone, mixing self-defense techniques developed in Azerbaijan with Japanese aikido techniques.

What you will learn in this seminar

  1. Self-defense for Everyday Use" using Aikido
  2. To understand the culture and ideology of the country of Azerbaijan from a martial arts aspect.
  3. More advanced and practical techniques (only explanation for those with pain)

Recommended for

  1. Those who wish to learn self-defense techniques to protect themselves and their loved ones in case of emergency.
  2. Those who have studied aikido and want to take it to the next level.
  3. Those who are interested in martial arts and would like to be exposed to it.

Seminar Details

  • Date and time of the event:
  • Dues:3,500 yen if you register during March (5,000 yen after April) *Additional 1,000 yen discount for MUGEN students
  • Target: Children (6 years old and up) to adults with martial arts experience.
    • No previous training in any style is required. Anyone who is able to perform backward ukemi and can hold back with a hand is welcome to participate.
  • Number of participants: First 30 adults and 10 children
  • How to apply: Please contact the followingOnline StorePayment by the applicant will be considered as the application.

Payment Method

About Dr. Urbi Agamirov

Aikidoka from the Republic of Azerbaijan.

He started aikido with his uncle when he was a child and studied aikido while repeatedly visiting Japan. He has an aikido dojo in Azerbaijan, where he teaches aikido.

His activities are not confined to the dojo, but he teaches aikido in seminars in Ukraine and other countries. Most recently, he has established a martial arts association recognized by the Azerbaijani government, and is involved in various activities to improve the quality of martial arts in Azerbaijan.

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